After years of working with kids we've learned that training has to be simple and it has to be FUN.  Whether kids come to FMU for general fitness or more specific athletic development, our goal is to get them to move better.  Our programs are designed to improve strength, coordination, speed, endurance and agility for a wide range of sports and activities.  We have found that a well guided, play-based model is one of the best ways to increase a child's athletic development. Most importantly, when they are having this much fun that they WANT to keep doing it!   



      We believe athletics should build confidence, motivate kids to challenge themselves, reward individuals for effort, encourage mistakes, celebrate accomplishments, eliminate all fear of failure, and ultimately inspire kids to be the best they can be.....More importantly we want them to understand that these ideals are not for personal gain.  Our main goal is to empower all of our FMU kids to use the talents, successes, and gifts they have been blessed with to make a difference in the world around them!!   We're on a mission to fuel a #ItsNotAboutMe attitude.  This is why we end every class with the FMU chant "I WILL....BE THE BEST.....THAT I.....CAN BE!"   


      FIT Minis (4-5), Fitlets (5-6), Inspire (7-10) classes

      These classes focus on age-specific development. All of these classes incorporate general fitness and athletic development activities focusing on strength, speed, coordination, athletic movements, obstacles and conditioning. And, we make sure to have FUN and PLAY.


      IGNITE (10-13)

      General fitness and athletic development & performance training. Total body circuit training incorporating FMU signature strength, conditioning, and performance exercises (10 year olds can do this class if they are ready. 14 year olds can stay in this class also).

       *NEW Inspire Elite (9-11)

      Athletic development and performance training (max 12 kids).  Kids are ready for more focused, specific performance training exercises. Still fun, just a little bit more technical.

      Track Club (7-12 Spring Only)

      We teach kids how to run short sprints, 1/4 mile, and 1-2 miles.

      Obstacle Course Club (8-12) Focuses more on obstacle training.  Classes start with a fun activity to get the kids warmed up and stretched out.  Each week we plan age appropriate challenges that focus on improving strength, speed, coordination, athletic movement, and conditioning.   The obstacle course challenges emphasize skills that are more specific to obstacle course racing.  

      ***ALL KIDS CLASSES incorporate our obstacles*** 


      Fit Minis, Fitlets, Inspire and OC Club Classes are $70. Inspire Elite & Ignite are $85.  Fees include one class per week for a four week session (see below for days and times).  



      Due to the high volume of kids currently in our programs, and a growing wait list, there are NO REFUNDS or CREDITS.  We allow ONE MAKE-UP per session at an open gym or pop in class.  All make ups must be scheduled during the 4 week session in which the absence occurs or in the session that immediately follows.  

      OPEN GYM/

      Open gyms are open to ALL kids ages 6-14!   These are a free-play format! Kids play on our ninja obstacles and take on Coach Theo's "Fitness Challenges of the Day" and games of the day.   Anyone is welcome to attend open gyms.  You do not need to be enrolled in a class however, you MUST SIGN UP ONLINE as they sell out quick! Max 25 kids.  For a list of all open gyms and to register go to  To be notified of open gyms as they are scheduled, please click subscribe in the menu bar above and sign up for our open gym email list.  



      Priority enrollment is given to the families that are in the current session.  They are given one week to re-enroll using a password.  On the 4th week of the session, passwords are removed and any remaining openings are first come first serve.  If you are interested in registering for a sold out class, please subscribe to our email list and you will receive notification when all classes are open.  You can subscribe by clicking on subscribe in the menu bar.