SPECIAL Youth Wrestling Camp Beginners 7-10yrs July 5th-8th

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*From zero experience to very minimal, we’re providing a place for your kids to learn the basics of wrestling with other kids who are looking for the basics too! 

Try your hardest to find friends who are similar age and size. This just helps when partnering up for drills and matches! 

Don’t worry about wrestling shoes and headgears. They’ll be fine in socks (wear sky zone socks for grip if you have them) and since they are beginners, they won’t be slamming heads and ears around a lot. 


  • Wrestling stances
  • How to do a double leg takedown 
  • How to NOT go on your back
  • How to defend a takedown (sprawls)
  • How to get off the mat if you get taken down 
  • Head locks
  • 1/4 Nelsons 
  • FUN learning experience