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ADULT Classes

FMU ADULT classes

FMU Adult Classes are small group settings that provide a personal private training environment.  Based on years of training experience, our goal is to maximize results through a total body strength and conditioning approach.  There is an intentional prescription behind everything we program.  Designed by Coach Theo, each workout is developed with these questions in mind:

  • Does each workout hit the total body?
  • Does each workout hit strength and cardio?
  • Does each workout compliment each other? Meaning, if someone came back to back days, or even three days in a row, they would get slightly different exercises and protocols so that they would avoid repetition and risk. 
  • Are the exercises safe and doable, not over-complicated, easy to understand, for the average person that comes to FMU? 

OUR CONCEPTS FOR effective training

These are the concepts that drive our training program:

  • Are we performing Athletic based movements?
  • Are we hitting all energy systems? The human body essentially has three: Anaerobic A-Lactic (short bursts, think :10 or less), Anaerobic Lactic (middle ground---think 400-800m sprinters), and Aerobic (think long and steady). One FMU workout each week is short spurt focuses (like straight sets, :12/:6, :15/:5, etc), one is medium interval focused (such as :45/:15 routines), and one workout is long and steady aerobic focused (like 8 minute amraps for reps). 
  • Are we hitting all types of muscle fibers? ISO's to lengthen, Explosive to hit fast twitch, tempo for high fight burn, 8-12 rep ranges for hypertrophy, high reps for lean muscle building, compound total body for high fat burn and strength (barbell complex), total body exercises for coordination and development (squat to arnold press, step up to hinges), etc. 
  • Are we having FUN? Did we incorporate fun concepts like line drill games, or partner battles, or a fun move like the med ball slam?
  • Are we prepping? Did we encourage foam rolling, set up a good dynamic warm-up and core activation, and encourage you to stay and foam roll and stretch at the end.


Mon/Wed/Fri-3 Day Monthly Membership $150
Tue/Thur/Sat-3 Day Monthly Membership $150
MOST TIME SLOTS SOLD OUT! Please email Coach Amber for availability: 

How To sign up

1. Try your first class. Email Coach Amber at (or click on the button above) to schedule a trial. We typically schedule new member visits the first week of every month. 
2. Select your option. Communicate with Coach Amber your selected membership (contingent on what's available). 
3. Complete the auto withdrawal payment process by clicking on the enrollment button below. 

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